Solidago hispida

The work published in this website is intended as a foundation for a much broader multi-scale study  exploring the transitions of Floral, Top Soil Invertebrates and Mesofauna  across suburban-agricultural-Carolinian remnant landscapes. It is hoped that this study will contribute to our understanding of the role that invertebrate – plant associations have in the functional ecology of these fragmented ecosystems.


This work  is self financed, but could not have been possible without the effort and support of my wife Nadia, my son Adrian and my daughter Alexa, who taught me to always find better and more effective ways of achieving my goals – simpler so as to achieve the desired complexity.

Along the way, I have met people that have supported, encouraged and allowed me access to resources to learn the art of field work ecology: Dr. Patricia Roberts-Pichette then director of EMAN, Alice Caselman founder of ACER, Tracy Patterson – Freeman Associates Environmental Consultant,  Dr. Brenda Axon and Brenda van Ryswyk at Conservation Halton. To Dr. Steven Marshall (Guelph University) for helping me embark in the classification of insects, and to Dr. Natalie Iwanycki (at the Natural History Museum of Denmark but then director of the Herbarium at the Royal Botanical Gardens) for access to the infinite details behind plant identification.

My gratitude is deep to many generations of high school students who allowed me to share with them my interest and passion to bring about a permanent change in our relationship with nature through knowledge, art, and the strength to act and do the right thing.

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