Monthly Archives: March 2016

Notes on future updates and posts

It was November 2014 since my last note.  Too long ago. And much needs updating and publishing

Already prior to 2014 I have been monitoring vernal pools and herpetofauna in a number of sites other than Neyagawa-NHS and the 14 Mile Creek (both in Oakville). All monitoring results and community , water chemistry and plankton observations in this area are going to be organized as webpages by site under the general heading of “Vernal Pools & Herpetofauna“. I hope all the results up to December 2015 will up in the next few weeks.

In my surveys, many times, I find changes in the state of habitats and communities due to anthropogenic or natural events which are important to log as part of the history of the sites affected. These entries will be collected under the general heading “Site Survey Notes“.

Exiting blog entries will be expanded or copied into these new webpages. Blogs will be used for brief updates before they form part of the main website stream.