03 Survey and ELC

Way-points Surveyed locations (waypoints) were mapped using a Garmin 12X GPS. Readings were allowed to average until about 3 to 6m accuracy using the NAD83 calibration. Way points were overlayed on Google Map TM.  Glenorchy.kmz

Glenorchy tesserae  (Google map access here)

Biotic Survey: Floristic community abundance and biodiversity, as well as, arthropod diversity surveying was performed using 10m by up to 30m transects aligned in a west-east direction as illustrated in Figure M1. The transect dimensions are based on the natural alignment of the eyes’ field of vision. For a person with an eye height of 169cm the horizontal centre of the field of view meets the ground at approximately 10m from the person (See Figure M2.A).  Flagging the initial position and the 10m point, establishes the width of the transect (Figure M2.B). Two, or three times the same approach, perpendicular to the width, determines the length of the transect walk (Figure M2.C)

General landscape classification: Landscape classification of the area was performed following the 21st & 22nd iteration of the Ecological Land Classification for Southern Ontario guidelines.1

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