04 Classification of Vegetation

Classification in the field was aided by the use of Peterson Field Guides for Wildflowers1, Kershaw’s field guide for Trees of Ontario2, and Hosie’s guide to Native Trees of Canada3  Forb, shrubs and tree identifications were confirmed using keys and guidelines for the Plants of Canada by the National Museum of Natural Sciences 4; Shrubs of Ontario by the ROM 5;Trees of Canada by Farrar6, and the USDA Plant Database7. Grasses were classified using the Utah State University Manual of Grasses on the Web8[http://utc.usu.edu/keysphoenix/Poaceae.html. ] (Vol 24 & 25 of the Flora of North America)9 and by Natalie Iwanycki from the Herbarium Department of the Royal Botanical Gardens10. Data for Wetness Index and Coefficient of Conservatism was obtained from the NHIC database11. Plant functional characteristics, such as C/N ratios, nutritional value, nitrogen fixation ability, seed dispersal potential, etc. were obtained from the USDA Plant Database8.

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