Areas of Concern at the Neyagawa NHS site applicable to other NHS areas

On August 2014 I was able to meet with Frank Laconte and Kristina Parker at the Town of Oakville. The meeting was facilitated by Mark Chris -. Director of the Parks and Recreations Dept. of the Town of Oakville.

In that meeting I submitted the following presentation. Note that the Google images used in the presentation  can not be printed or further distributed. Anyone interested in the details can request the .kmz files for further analysis (For security reasons .kmz files can not be downloaded to WordPress).

Conservation and Enhancement of NHS Hydrological Features locked

The mapped overlays, as far as the extent of the specifically designated vegetation/tree boundaries are concerned, are close to mapped and measured locations, but nonetheless approximations.

The areas of concern are summarized over the boundary map of the Neyagawa Site of the NHS submitted in the North Oakville Subwatershed Study that forms the basis of the boundaries and alignments of the development sites with the NHS.

Scanned from Conservation Halton with comments

 The boundaries in the zone closer to 6th line (right side of the map) have certainly not been properly implemented, perhaps there is the chance of some enhancement of the boundaries around the central area of concern where they missed to identify a MAM containing the fire bush  that connects the SWD at the time this boundaries were laid out. Plus, this is the area where the vernal-autumnal pond is located. One can hope to negotiate for the trail to be on the outside of the treeline to safeguard these features. (edited excerpt of correspondence with Conservation Halton).

 We will have to wait to see what Conservation Halton, the developers and the Town will eventually produce and if it  will have any resemblance to the promises made during  the North Oakville Trail Plan consultations.